Lacrosse shakeup

As many of you already know, the Big East and the NEC could be sponsoring lacrosse in the future.

The changes that may ensue could very well put UMass in a different conference all together.

Inside Lacrosse had a bit of information on this last week:

According to a coach in the ECAC, Penn State and Massachusetts will be moving to the Colonial Athletic Association, joining Delaware, Drexel, Hofstra and Towson. The ECAC will then merge with what is left of the Great Western League, creating an eight-team league consisting of Loyola, Fairfield, Hobart, Denver, Ohio State, Air Force, Bellarmine and (presumably, as it had been expected to join the GWLL when they go varsity in 2009) Detroit.

According to College Sports Info, the new CAA could look something like this:

Penn State

Not sure if I like where this is heading. Every year UMass gets to play Syracuse and Georgetown and constantly boasts one of the most intimidating schedules in the country. Not that the CAA teams are a huge step down, but the loss of those two perennial powerhouses seems to hurt the Maroon and White in strength of schedule and recruiting.

Let’s see what happens from here. I’d be interested to know if the CAA would maintain a automatic qualifier with this shakeup.


4 Responses to Lacrosse shakeup

  1. Ernie Muppet says:

    Go Bellarmine Knights lax!

  2. Bob McGovern says:

    Haha, wow… very random. You guys played DU pretty well this year, for what it’s worth.

  3. Ernie Muppet says:

    Oh, it’s just my alma mater, and I know they and the rest of the Great Western league will feel the implications of this new Big East lax league formation.

    Keep up the good work with the blog.

  4. Bob McGovern says:

    Thanks… not sure if this whole thing is good for anyone but the Big East, but it should def. be interesting. Good luck next year.

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